Airis Dabble 900 mAh Dual Purpose Wax Kit

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The Airis Dabble Dual Purpose Wax Kit is a concentrate vaporizer for both THC and CBD concentrates. The Dabble has a 900mAh battery life and is compatible with the AIRISTECH DA Coil. The Airis Dabble can be used as both a traditional concentrate vaporizer, as well as an enail attachment on any female 14mm/18mm water pipes. 

The Airis Dabble Dual Purpose Wax Kit includes the following:

- The Airis Dabble Device (900mAh)
- One Glass Mouthpiece
- One 14mm Male Bong Conector
- One 19mm Male Silicone Adapter
- One Concentrate Tool
- One Micro-USB charging cable
- User and Instruction Manual

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